Won't locate correct EXE

  • Hello, experiencing a frustrating situation. I build my Ue4 project on Win 64 (doesnt matter if shipping or dev pack), and Furioos is unable to locate the correct EXE file in the zip (winrar) It always points to a UE4 redis exe. Only two options avail and they are the wrong exe. The only thing I could do to solve was rename the correct EXE, but that only worked once. Please help. This is incredibly frustrating. It would be great to have a selector that allows you to navigate the Zip and select the correct file. This is a showstopper.

    To add, I just renamed the proper exe and the locator found it.  Any advice on what causes this and if this is common would be appreciated. Thank you so much!



    Thank you for your feedback we’re gonna investigate on it 🙂

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