Very touchy mouse with enscape .exe

  • I have loaded an enscape .exe file to your system I have found that the mouse input is very touchy to the point where it is unusable. Can you please have a look at what could be causing this. The example ue4 apps work fine. BTW I love the system and see huge possibilities. Thanks

    Hi gavinp,

    This issue is on our side, we are working on optimisation for mouse event and this will be done later this year.

    Stay tuned,



    Any update on this issue,  its unusable as it stands


    Nothing new since last response, with christmas comming up and new year i think that this feature will be done on January. We have many things to treat by the end of this year and i don’t believe that this feature will be available before January.

    Sorry for the delay, we are doing our best 😉

    Thank’s for your patience.




    Just wondering about progress on this issue

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