Unable to signup for account

  • Hi tedteng85,

    Yeah the signup has been disabled for a while last week but everything is now available 🙂


    Hi there!

    I’m trying to sign up for a furioos account and it always says, in the end, “invalid email provider”…

    And i’ve tried many e-mail addresses.. (icloud, hotmail, outlook, gmail…) but it always gives me that error..

    What should i do?



    Hi Miguel,

    For tax reasons, we have set up an email address filter to ensure that they are business addresses. So the solution is to have a domain name specific to your company in order to register without worries.

    Have you got your own enterprise address ? or you are a particular or an enterprise ?

    Hi @Maxence,

    I’m a self-employed professional and I don’t have a corporation account because I work by my own, so I’m trying to register with my hotmail or gmail account but it’s not possible… could you allow me to register with those email providers, please?

    Thank you very much and best regards,


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