Testing Appointment

  • Hi Furioos,

    We would like to share a landing page in which one of our app would be available to test. We would like to share that link with our current customers in order to see how much they would be interested.

    However, as your platform is in progress some times it does not run properly so is not fit for customer tests, therefore we would like to ask, if it was possible, what time does the platform use to work properly?


    Hello Viewtek Developers,

    Sorry that you get issues.
    We don’t have a precise date of when Furioos will get out of Beta.
    We are very small team (2 devs) and do our best to get Furioos better everyday.


    Thanks Michaël,

    We fully understand that Furioos is under development. We will keep testing our apps for feedback you since we are expecting for a production version as soon as possible.

    Nice work by the way.


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