Streaming from distant server location

  • Hi Team,

    It’s our understanding that Furioos is using servers around the world to host uploaded apps, including some in Sydney, Australia.

    When our users (situated in Sydney, Australia) connect to our apps, the UI shows them as connecting to Western Europe, with a ~300 ping.

    Our users are not using a VPN to pipe them anywhere.

    How can our users load our app from local servers whilst in Australia?



    That may happen when no server are available in the region. Is it something that happen to every session they run ?

    It may also happen that our service cannot locate the current user and start the app in the same region than the storage of the app.

    Have a nice day

    Hi Michaël,

    Yes, sadly it happens every time we run the apps. We always end up in West Europe, even for the Obvioos sample apps.

    When you say your “service cannot locate the current user and start the app in the same region than the storage of the app” sure, though from what I can see, the browser is not actually being requested to provide the client’s location.

    Could be handy for users to have the ability to set a default location in the settings?


    I pushed a new version of the geolocation, currently we use IP reverse lookup to locate a user.

    If you still experimenting the issue, i’m gonna integrate the geolocation API to fix it 🙂

    Thanks Michaël,

    So I’m getting different locations now, twice in East US, and once in West US, that’s something, right?! Still not in Australia though. I’ve gone and tested my IP at and can confirm it is showing as located in Sydney, Australia.

    Pls note that now our app isn’t fully loading now, no idea what is going on… it gets to the “Start streaming” screen and just sits there, before eventually disconnecting.

    Aaand now “session disabled”, apparently server boot times seem to be included towards the quota, and I’m now out.


    Can you provide me the email of your account or the name of your organization please, i’m gonna reset your quota.

    The service provide you the closest available server from your location, but it seems weird that you never get an Australian server, i’m gonna investigate on it.

    The boot time is not included in the time quota, we got an issue on our side last week and it was not possible start a streaming session, it’s fix now 🙂

    Thanks Michaël,

    I appreciate the effort you’re making to resolve this.

    I’ve sent yourself and Christophe a direct email with the requested details.



    Hi Michaël,

    I’ve not had an update on this for a few days now, any luck?



    Hi Michaël, looks like our quota has been reset, thank you.

    Unfortunately we’re still finding the same, original problem, connecting into West Europe.

    Do you think there is a chance of a resolution to the issue in the near future?

    West Europe location


    Sorry that you keep experiencing issue.

    I checked your account and it seems that your storage location is in West Europe.
    When the system cannot locate you properly it use the same location as the storage.
    If you’re an Australian company, you might want to migrate your storage to an Australian storage ?

    Hi Michaël,

    When you say “you might want to migrate your storage to an Australian storage ?” are you implying there is a way that I can do this?

    My Furioos account settings (“Informations”) are currently set to Australia.

    I have deleted our App and re-uploaded it to test. It still says West Europe. Please help. If you can manually migrate our apps to Australian servers, then yes, please do so. If there is a way that I can manage this myself, please let me know, that would be very helpful information, as we may wish to target other localities in future.

    Also, did you receive my email? I’m happy to take this off the forums and discuss over email if you prefer.



    I changed the location of your storage. Please reupload your application, you should be located in Australia 🙂

    Keep me in touch.

    Hi Michaël,

    Thanks for switching us over.

    I can see that interface now indicates that the app is located in East Australia, and we reached upload speeds that certainly corresponded with this.

    Unfortunately now when we try to load our app, we get stuck “Connecting to Server” here:

    I have the same experience when trying the Obvioos sample apps.

    Perhaps you could give it a try and see why it might be failing?



    It was an issue on our side. Everything runs fine now on Australian region.


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