Raytracing and navigation

  • Hello everyone,

    was wondering whether the possibility to support realtime raytracing is possible. GTX 1060 should support it but I tried a test project and was not working properly.

    my second question about mobile/touch navigation. Do I have to set this up in UE in advance or is it natively supported?

    thank you

    one more thing I forgot to mention.

    what if have a menu, to switch between automatically played sequences for example. or popping menus to switch an asset to a different one or change its material. how will that not conflict with the navigation?

    Dear Sherif,
    Thanks for your message.
    RTX is going to be soon supported on Furioos.
    We are expecting this feature to be released along with our version 1, late March.
    Mobile and touch navigation has to be set up in UE4, as we don’t want to interfere in any way with our users’ apps.
    Concerning your last question, it won’t conflict with the navigation at all.
    Feel free to make some tests on a very simple scene to make sure your assumptions work on Furioos 😋
    Let me know if you have any further questions
    Best wishes

    Thank you Christophe,

    I will start by testing menus, and cannot wait for ray-tracing to be supported. And congratulations on this amazing platform, I think it is brilliant! and a major problem solver for us. And I am certain it will be essential to our workflow in the near future.

    Best Wishes,

    Sherif Salama

    Hello Christophe,

    I have just uploaded a test project with menus and widgets


    It works perfectly on a desktop. Menus/Navigation everything.

    however, whem I tried it with my andoid phone. the navigation is working properly, but the menus are not :/

    Please give it a try, I had convert touch events to mouse events checked.

    The problems are:

    1. sometimes the cursor is slightly shifted to where I touch and sometimes not
    2. If I manage to touch the menu button/widget (which I definitley should make bigger 🙂 ) it only highlights it with no effect however after maybe 10-15 times trying it responds!

    Thank you!

    forgot to mention something as well, the navigation is supposed to be one click on the floor and you go where the pointer is. however using touch it has to be double tapping instead of one tap?

    Any news?

    Hello everyone,

    First of all, my deepest apologies for the lack of support past month. Our team is lacking people to handle the support and the dev doesn’t get time to handle it too. Things are fixed now.
    We are working hard to provide you Furioos v1.0 next week.

    Concerning your issue, it will be fixed in the new release next week.

    Let us know if you have any questions

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