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Pixels artifacts

  • Hi,


    Furioos is a great idea but I am struggling with my first Unreal app online : /


    First of all, I have dead or blown out pixels everywhere, I think it might have to do with the auto-exposure

    I never had this issue locally.


    Secondly, here are some observations / comments:

    1 – it was never mentionned anywhere that the sound was not supported, this an important factor for me

    2- The mouse controls do not behave like in my app, the mouse is waaayy too sensitive and it is almost impossible for me to use.  I tried the lock mouse option but it doesn’t do the trick.


    Thanks for your help

    Any help?  I have bought the most expensive package, I would like to make sure this can work please.


    Thank you

    I can’t believe 2 weeks later I have not received ANY support of any of my issues with furioos.  This is totally unacceptable for when you pay for the most expensive plan.


    And I receive an email almost daily for asking me how satisfied I am with my subscription.

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