Open in 2 browsers at once from same IP

  • I think I caused some kind of glitch in the system, at least in my account…. I was testing a model doing several uploads and opening it in different browser at different moments, but then I made a “mistake” and opened the furioos page with the model at the same time I was opening the webpage where I have it embedded in a different browser… at that moment the system just stopped and the sign “application stopped” appeared as it always does.. the difference is after that event, I just can’t upload updates of that application or even new applications.

    I ‘ve been doing this for 2 days and they all fail. When I try to update the problematic application it just never opens, but when I try to upload a new one stops at 99% and never goes beyond.. so I’m stuck in a “dead end” here…

    Thanks for any help

    Hi Mondriam,

    Can you tell me the name of the application that does not works ? provide me a zip with it to test by myself ? (at

    I try with your account to launch “Remodelacion Morera Soto” and it works.

    I’m not sure to understand well your problem, why are you trying from multiple browser ? application stopped can be send if you are streaming 2 applications at the same time with the same account (in order to avoid extra cost).

    Waiting for more information to help you 🙂
    Have a nice day.

    The reason to test on several browsers was because if it failing several times on one I then try on another browser. Many times I just don’t close the first one so something happened there. The solution for me was to re-create de app and re-upload.

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