No server available?

  • Hi,


    I haven’t been able to open a furioos scene today yet, I am queued for a server all the time, I get the “Connecting to a server” or “Session Queuing up” forever.


    I tried both with my uploaded scene and the furioos demos, with both a server on US East and US west.  I could not open anything today.  Not impossible that it might have to do with the covid-19 situation?


    Thanks for your help



    Hi Rick,

    Have you tried opening the project in Chrome browser? Chrome was the solution for me.

    Hi KoenePat,


    thanks for your help.  Indeed I was trying from a chrome browser and it was not working, I appreciate you take the time to brainstorm on my issue.


    However I cancelled my subscription with Furioos.  In 3 tickets I could not have a single reply from the staff.  It is the first time in my life that I had absolutely ZERO support after many efforts from any company, I won’t express it the way I think but I don’t want any business anymore with furioos, regardless of how good or how bad their product would be.  Thanks for your help though!

    Hi Rick,

    Your welcome. Strange indeed that the platform lacks support from Furioos itself. My account is disabled right now and I like to know why. No help is no play and no play is no pay.



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