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  • Can you guys explain to me how to use a mouse for navigation inside the Unreal scene using your software?

    Particular problem: I start to move inside my interior, need to turn right (90 degrees) – I move the mouse to the right, till the end of the screen and what I do in ordinary games if it’s not enough? I lift the mouse, move it to the left, put on the table and move again to the right. This way I can do rotation 360-degree.

    Using your software – I can’t do this. If I move the mouse till the end of the screen right side, i can no longer turn right, because every time I lift the mouse, move to the left and put it on the table – the character turns left, but it should be standing still.

    In order to understand this, check for example
    Somehow ordinary mouse cursor is disappearing and the game cursor appears which allows doing 360-degree character rotation.

    How to move inside my interior scene, made in unreal, using your software as in any other game?


    Have you tried to switch the mouse mode to Lock mode on the Furioos player ?


    With mouse mode FREE I barely can turn the camera in the interior because my mouse reaches the end of a monitor.
    With mouse mode LOCK it is a slightly better – camera can turn more than it was in free mode but when the mouse reaches monitor end I can not turn further. Turning speed  (sensitivity of a mouse) also increased a lot in this mode.

    Thanks for reply


    Thank you for the feedback.
    Is there any way you can share with us a link to your application, so we can investigate on what cause the issue please ?



    I tried your application (beautiful), and everything works fine for me on Chrome Desktop in Lock mode mouse. (Click on the stream after going to Lock mode)

    On which device, browser are you testing?

    Thank you

    Thank you so much for your help. I understood my problem now – “click on the stream”. After clicking on the stream – everything started to work as expected. The only small concern is – mouse sensitivity. Is there some kind of ability to lower it?

    Happy to read that your problem is solved.
    We are working on fixes for inputs, they should be available during November.
    Your sensitivity problem will be fix too.

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