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Multiuser – Multiplayer Guidance

  • Hello, I want to allow several people to access the builds at the same time. I used to upload Unreal Engine stuff, but now only Unity….

    I don’t even know where to start with the multiplayer theme… I started with the photon environment and other popular ones but they don’t seem to be meant to work inside a system like Furioos. So the question is simple. Which multiplayer or multi user would you recommend to use with Unity for Furioos??

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    Right now, the multi-user in the same session is not available on Furioos yet.
    That feature is on our roadmap and should be available later this year.

    If you want to create a multi-player application it will work on Furioos if the user can join an other user directly from your application.

    Have a nice day

    Just to be clear. If the application is based on a multiplayer game environment with its own web server controlling players then each app instance can login to that server and play the game just like they would with any other multiplayer game?

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