Motion Blur

  • Hello Furioos Team and users !

    How to avoid motion blur ?
    On all demo applications and uploaded applications (UE4.22.3), I see blury textures when I move the camera (even for very basic environnements/textures for my upload tests).

    I can’t choose quality on the player (Auto with bandwith)

    FURIOOS requires a high speed internet connection and low network latency.
    A download speed of 15Mbps is recommended.
    An upload speed of 5Mbps is recommended.
    A latency of 70ms or less is recommended.

    My SpeedCheck
    Download speed : 385Mbps
    Upload speed : 68Mbps.
    Latency : 42ms

    Thanks for your help.

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    Hello RR,
    Sorry for the inconvenience.
    You do have a connection that seems sufficient for Furioos.
    Keep in mind that during the BETA we are constantly making adjustments on our stream server, which may explain your problems.
    Did you put blur motion in your application? It is a post-production effect that generates a lot of errors in streaming.
    If so, can you try to disable it and tell us if it fixes the problem?

    Hello Christophe. Thank you for your help.

    Yes. I disabled the motion blur Project Settings / Rendering and I do not use Post-Process volume in my test project.

    The problem still persists today on my project and the demos projects.


    There is nothing you can do about that, we are experimenting some tests with our auto quality.
    The quality menu will be available soon, we are working on reducing artifacts when there is motion on screen.

    Hello Michaël,

    Any update about quality performance?



    We are still working on it.
    The development of Furioos was kind of frozen thoses past weeks. It will restart actively next week, so bug fix and new features will come quickly :).

    I’ll keep you in touch, once we are ready to deploy.

    Thank you Michaël,

    We have high expectations for launching our apps from your system as soon as possible. Quality image is one of the most important issues for us since our clients are real estate developers.

    Hope all these issues will be fix soon. Thanks for your response!


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