JS SDK & Unity SDK Communication issues.

  • Hi there,

    We’re trying to get the JS SDK and Unity SDK to talk to each other through a hosted webpage and are having issues.

    We are trying to just have the “SendData(Data);” function work between the JS page and the Furioos hosted Unity project.

    We’ve followed the Unity SDK guide, and everything seems to be set up correctly, we then uploaded the unity project, grabbed the SDK link for the project and handed that to our web guys.

    We’re successfully launching the correct Furioos app on our page (If it would help to have access to this page I can share it via private message just so we don’t open up our project and time quota to just anyone on this forum) but the “SendData” function doesn’t seem to hit the unity SDK in any way.

    Other functions like “player.start()” and “player.stop()” work fine so this leads us to think that there is something wrong on the unity side, but we can’t see anything that we’re missing or have done wrong.

    Please let me know if there’s more we can provide to help solve this problem.



    Hi Joe,

    You can share me your link to your page by mail at m.brasselet@furioos.com.
    I’m gonna check that and see what is going on.

    Thank’s for improving the SDK and helping us to make furioos’ better.
    Have a nice day.

    Hi Maxence,

    I’ve sent you an email containing a link to our test page.



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