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JS SDK – integration error

  • Hi,

    I am trying to use the JS SDK. However i get the following error:

    static qualityValues = _qualityValues;


    could you please let me know what could be wrong.

    Thank you


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    • This reply was modified 1 week, 1 day ago by  sam.g.

    Hi Michaƫl ,


    Could you please help me on this one. I am trying to integrate this into a web page, to hide the logo and title bar but i get the above error.


    Thank you.


    get same error even in RunKit

    Hi Sam,

    Sorry for the delay, I’m gonna help you to figure it out.

    First of all, you did not call correctly the setQuality function (cf: the doc, you are supposed to call Player.qualityValue.ULTRA instead of giving a string “ULTRA”).

    However, the server is automatically scaling the quality for now and we cannot choose to force the quality (available soon). So you can implement your code but you will not see the quality change for now.


    Your last post is not our doc, furious package is not ours, here the good link for our npm package :


    Have a nice day šŸ™‚
    Best regards.

    Hi Maxence,

    I tried that still the same error. Would it be possibleĀ  for you to make a test project on Github please?

    a test project that only hides the logo and title bar?

    Hi Sam,

    What have you changed in your code ? i can help you to fix it but you need to share me a screen :).

    I notice that your instanciation call is not good (new Player…) You should pass a string as first and second parameter and the last one is an object and by putting it into {} this will not work.

    Are you familiar with javascript code ? I ask to know if i need to simplify the documentation.

    I give you an example of what you are looking for.
    In your case you are suppose to have something like that :

    import { Player } from ‘furioos-sdk’;

    const player = new Player(“123.456”, “myContainer”, { whiteLabel: true, hideTitle: true });

    player.onLoad(function() {
    // Here you know when the player is ready.


    Can you please try this ? and upload some screen if it still does not work ?

    Have a good day.



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