Issues with payment and account

  • Hi,

    First thing first I want to say that I tried using the contact support option from the portal but I received no email or no message whatsoever that you received it, and from what I’ve seen on the forum you take some time to respond to inquires due to no dedicated support team. I created my account a few weeks ago but I ran into a problem and decided to leave it for another time. Now I came back, tried to log in, and it automatically asked me for card details, once I entered them, my only choice was to buy the 9$ subscription(sure, no worries, 9$ ain t that much) but then I instantly upgraded to the Buisness plan and now in invoices it says I am going to be billed for 89$ (why?). Not only that but I noticed when I created my account I entered the wrong taxID and now I cannot change it anywhere, so the invoice was made with the wrong details( rendering it useless). Tried to go on forums(barely found them), created an account where I was only asked for the email and username(no password) and no email was sent to me whatsoever. So I had to find the WordPress page to reset my password, just so I can actually create a password for my account.

    Fixed, got an answr on email

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