Invoice error

  • Hi,

    I wrote you weeks ago requesting that we need that Furioos add our VAT number to each of our invoices. This is a must for the taxes procedure. Invoices which do not include VAT number will be useless.

    Please, get in touch via email to handle this issue as soon as possible since it should be done before October.



    I just checked your bill and i can see that for septembre you VAT number is in the head of the bill.

    Is this OK for you ?



    Yes, invoice for September is right, but July and August invoices are missing your VAT number yet. Spanish taxes system requieres both VAT numbers.


    Yeah we notice that late last month and have changed the bills format in order to add our VAT number. Unfortunately, our payment provider tells us that we cannot edit the previous invoices to add our VAT.

    Thank’s for your understanding.

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