Impossible to upgrade my plan

  • I’ve been trying to change my subscription from free to basic but only get this after tens of intents during 3 days:
    “Error while update stripe informations, please contact us [Error]”

    Hello, i’ve checked your account and all seems to be good, we made an update today that may fix this issue, can you please try again and tell us if it’s fixed ?

    Thank’s 🙂

    still getting the same error… this is frustrating….. A client is asking for this and loosing patience….

    tried in different browsers and other stuff.. still not working

    I can understand that the situation can be frustrating and it’s why we have done the best to understand what went wrong and fix the bug you report.
    The browser testing was a good idea but was not the problem. I appreciate your help to try to figure it out.

    It should work now, I invite you to try again 🙂

    Have a good day.

    Yes it works now!!

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