High GPU option

  • Hi,

    From what I’ve seen on some videos, Pro Account have 3 GPU options. No GPU, Standard and High GPU. Could you please provide some info about this High GPU option? What’s the difference between Stantard and High GPU options?


    Hi Phillippe,

    These other GPU options are not available yet, but the goal is too allow user’s to choose the GPU used depending on each app performance needed. It will change the cost per minute depending on the GPU choose.
    The high GPU means that the virtual machine where your app is running has a better GPU than a standard one.
    And for no GPU, it means the CPU is used to play your app.

    I hope i help you to understand how this works 🙂

    Hi Maxence,

    (merci pour ces infos, je continue en anglais….)

    I’ll be grateful if you could give me more specific info about the better GPU? Your standard offer is for a 1060..what are you aiming for? 1070, 1080, 2070, …?

    Also do you have a forecasted date for this better GPU options availability?


    Hi Philippe,

    (Merci de penser aux autre ;))

    Yeah standard GPU are GTX 1060. No information for high GPU yet…
    Unfortunately, no information for high GPU yet and no date because it depends on our provider.

    We think this could be ready for the second quarter of the year, we’ll give you more informations in the future 🙂

    Stay tuned 😉

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