Gamepad Issue

  • Hello Furioos team and users,

    I can not move using a gamepad (Xbox One).
    Application works with gamepad on my PC (and need to be used with gamepad)

    Where can I switch to gamepad mode on Furioos ?

    Homepage : You can control the app or interact with it using your mouse, keyboard or gamepad*.

    Thank you in advance.

    UE4.22.3 / Shipping packaging (default)

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    Hello Furioos team.
    I noticed that you have changed the text of your home page.
    The word gamepad is no longer there.

    Will it be possible in the future to use a gamepad as originally planned?
    This would be really useful for many gaming applications.

    Hello there,

    The gamepad is one of our next feature, we have made a post on linkedIn in order to know what users prefer: Gamepad or sound.
    I invite you to vote for your favorite feature and the result will be revealed on our linkedIn page.

    We will definitly develop both of them but this will help us to choose wich one we develop first.

    Have a good day.

    Hello Maxence.
    I vote for Gamepad (No linkedin account and don’t want to have one).
    Thank you !

    Ok no problem, we count your vote and we will announce the result soon 🙂

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