Furioos v1.0

  • Hello everyone,

    First of all, our deepest apologies for the lack of support for past months.
    Our team was lacking people to handle the support and the dev doesn’t get time to handle it too.
    Things are fixed now, we will do our best to not reproduce that issue.
    All of our paying customers will receive a coupon for the next version.

    Some good news for Furioos.
    Furioos v1.0 is about to be released on our server production server.
    This new version is a complete rework of the current version and brings a lot of new features.

    • New streaming engine
      We have rewritten our streaming engine to increase our quality and reduce our latency. This new version allows stable streaming at 1080p 60FPS
    • New storage system
      We have completely rebuild our storage system to get better performance during copy and extracting. Your application will copy, extract, and start faster.
    • New player
      Furioos v1.0 uses a totally new player for streaming.
      Refresh user interface
      New white label support
      The player handle automatically the switch between free and lock mouse
    • Server hardware update
      The new version of Furioos uses different hardware with more capacity than the current version.
      We are now using a graphic card equivalent to Geforce 2060RTX.
    • RTX support
    • Pre-allocation / Fast launch
      The new enterprise plan brings a new feature called pre-allocation that allows you to configure your fleet of servers by pre-copy/launch an application.
      You will be able to manage your pool and set active days/hours of availability.
    • User interface
      Following your feedback, we have improved the user interface on every feature, to be as user friendly as possible.
    • Multi-touch / Convert touch to mouse
      The multi-touch has been rework to handle until 10 fingers on Furioos.
      The convert touch to mouse event can convert pinch to the mouse wheel.
    • New white label
      Enabling white label on an embed or SDK now removes all Furioos references, even on the first load.
    • New quota system
      We rethought our quota system to be based on an amount of money instead of time usage.
    • SDK
      We updated the Unity and JS SDK with new functions.
    • Multiple machines configuration
      We add multiple machine configurations to fit your application needs.
    • Stability and speed
      We focused our work on platform stability and speed. The platform is now loading faster than ever and we did hard work to fix the main issue of the production version, the session success.
    • Resume session
      If you are logged to the platform you can resume a running session on another device at any time.
    • New plans
    • Multi-organization
      We added a new feature called multi-organization, it allows you to invite a user from another organization on Furioos to join yours too. You’ll be able to switch between organization easily and manage your customer organization on your own.

    What’s next this year or after

    • Sound (this month)
      We know that sound is one of the most demanding features on Furioos. Great news, things are almost done and will be available later this month.
    • Gamepad (next month)
    • Dashboard (Q3)
      A dashboard with all statistics of application usage in real-time.
    • Linux support (Q3)
      Later this year, we plan to add Linux application support to Furioos. It will result in a lower cost to stream your application by using a Linux machine.
    • User permissions (Q3)
      We plan to add a permission layer for the users in an organization. You will be able to manage who can upload, delete, update, or even get access to an application.
    • Unity Render Streaming support (Q3)
      We are working with the team of Unity Render streaming to brings support on Furioos. Currently, the support is already possible on our test servers but will be able for the launch of v1.0
    • Unreal Engine SDK (Q3)
      Following our Unity SDK we plan to deploy Unreal Engine SDK later this year.
    • Unity Furioos inspector (Q3)
      Following the development of our Unity SDK, we plan to add a Furioos inspector to manage your Furioos account directly from the Unity Editor. You will be able to upload an application directly from the Editor.
    • Increase scalability capacity (Q4)
      Later this year Furioos backend will migrate to a new provider to will allow us to scale more and more with more hardware capacity.
    • Input re-mapping (Q4 – 2021)
      Ability to re-map any action to a different key or gesture.
      Create your own virtual gamepad for your application on mobile
    • VR support (Q4 – 2021)
      We plan to add VR support to Furioos for a headset like Oculus Quest

    We hope that you will enjoy this new version.
    The Furioos team

    After your update, today i tried to login and i’m presented with a white page… whether on chrome, safari or firefox.. i can’t login! What should i do?

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