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  • We have upgrade our account to PRO to keep improving our app. We must start offering full web apps from September 2nd. Still have some important issues:

    – Button which opens external links do not react. (we already solved that issue when we used AWS by making some changes on JavaScript, but we have not access to our Furioos server so we are not allowed).
    – We are not allowed to swift the GPU on your platform (chek image attached).
    – multitouch performance. If it is disabled it works fine on desktop but can make zoom on touchscreen. If it is enabled touchscreen improves its performance but zoom stop working on mobile devices.


    – You can be able to handle external link with the SDK on Unity by sending the info to the JS client.
    The Unreal SDK is still in developement.

    – Nobody can switch GPU on Furioos for now, we are working on it with our cloud provider.

    – I don’t really understand what you mean by performance. Do you handle multi-touch in your application ?

    Thank you

    Hello Michaël,

    Thank you for your answers.

    Regarding external links, when will this be able for UE4 projects? This issue is a deal-breaker for us since we offer the only apps able to complete a full and legal process of selling property from mobile devices (including real payment and signing contracts) and also virtual tours are quite important for our users.

    Ok about GPU on Furioos. We will be aware of that.

    And regarding performance troubles, since we handle multi-touch in our apps for zoom and another functionalities, we have problem when multi-touch is enabled in your platform:

    1-If multitouch is enabled: zoom works perfectly, but our apps have different behavior depending if you click once or twice, and with multi-touch enabled all works as you click twice (no option for one click functionality). See video linked:!0JRUSQJY!gVxWNmbDneFUMVs1MeNykqGEQEHouHfU-76Z9U_zUKg

    2- If multi-touch is disabled: single click and double click works perfectly but zoom is broken. See video linked:!lMRGzIJR!xnYvJzQQIJLOexnk9mqcPW0djTEiUy2VXNZruJaQ0ME

    I hope hearing from you soon.



    Unfortunally, the UE 4 SDK will not be available before next month.

    Thank you for the video, it will help us fix that issue with multi-touch.

    Hello Michaël,

    How is going UE4 SDK on? Do you have a timing estimated about when it will be ready (or available for testing).



    Right now, the development of the Unreal SDK is frozen, it will restart soon.
    Lot of things happen with Furioos and i cannot get the time to work on it as much as i’d like to.

    I’ll keep you in touch once i can send you a test version 🙂

    Hello Michaël,

    Thanks for your response. However, for our clients being able of completing the purchase process is a must. For that is necessary to open external links. Do you know if that functionality will be ready on what date?


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