Firefox, connection problems, mouse events and other problems

  • Hi,

    we are experiencing several bugs / connection problems since last update, here’s a summary of what we have noticed:

    As already reported by other users, our app is not streaming any more in Firefox nor in Safari. In Firefox the app does not start streaming (seems to be stuck in an endless loop) and in Safari it just hangs with a white screen. We are experiencing these problem on Macs and Windows machines.

    Connection problems
    We are having serious connection problems (we have tried from different locations as far apart as Berlin or Madrid) but 9 out of 10 connection attempts fail: either the app is not copied to the server or the session stops when it it was just about to start.

    Mouse pointer in a black square
    In the rare occasion that we actually manage to get a session up and running the mouse pointer appears inside a small black square.

    Mouse pointer in a black square

    Mouse event gets stuck when leaving the browser window
    We are using the right-click-drag mouse event to move around which apparently works fine. The mouse pointer disappears while you move around and reappears once the mouse is released. However, if during the right-click-drag event the (invisible) mouse leaves the browser window, the movement process gets stuck, even if the mouses is released and moved back inside the browser window. The only fix is to close the window and launch a new session (with a probability 9 out of 10 not working).

    Non-clickable strip on top of the browser window
    There is a narrow strip on the top of the browser window where click events will not work. Our app has a button on top of the screen which cannot be clicked for this reason.

    We really would appreciate your help with these issues. If you provide us with an email we’ll sent you screen shots.



    Hi cuadradoredondo,

    Firefox issue / connexion problem : We’ve made an update this night to fix many problem related to connexion, can you please try again and tell me if everything is OK ?

    Mouse black square : We are working on a better integration for the mouse cursor that will come early 2020.

    Non clickable strip : Can you tell me the name of your organization on furioos ? and the app name, thus i can test it and see what’s going wrong.

    Thank’s to report us your issue to help us making furioos better.


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