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Failed to upload

  • Hello there

    Ive been trying from yesterday to upload a 3GB zip file (arcvhiz project) and failed to do so repeatedly.I couldn’t find a solution to my problem so i decided to post it on this forum

    Thanks in advance.


    Sorry that you face that issue. Can you provide me the error message that you get when the upload fail please ?

    If your confortable if development tools you can also post a screenshot of your browser’s console so i can identify more quickly where the issue come from.

    Thank you

    The first problem i encountered was that i couldnt upload any file in general i tried to log in and out but didnt work

    I find out that if i created a new account the problem dissapears and i can upload my project, but after about 43% through the uploading process it fails

    the error message that i get after the upload fails does not last long enough but rather pops for a few seconds and then dissapears

    If you want any further information please inform me

    Thanks in advance


    Your first problem was due to not enough file storage, after trying to upload several time your app, you created multiple app on Furioos. This will be fixed tomorow.

    For the second one, it’s due to time to upload that must be long with your network. It’ll be fixed tomorow too.


    Thank’s to have report those issues to makes Furioos better 🙂
    Have a nice day.

    Thanks a lot my friend , cant wait to try it tomorrow :]

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