Erratic mouse control UE4 FPS – Windows / Chrome

  • Hi. Just uploaded a working FPS scene, it runs fine but when you lock the mouse the control is all over the place. Seems to be ok when it’s on free mouse but I need to use lock.

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    Hi, any news on this? I’ve tried a couple of different working scenes and they both have real issues when in locked mouse mode – this wasn’t a problem in the past, it used to work perfectly! Will it be fixed? Thanks


    We are working on fix 🙂



    A fix has been push for the lock mode. Your application should run correctly now 🙂


    it looks like this issue is back, but on touch devices. On iPad / Safari and on Android phone / Firefox and Chrome the one-finger touch control (e.g. turning the view) causes the view to go crazy and spin around.

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