Default mouse mode Free not working

  • Setting the default mouse mode to Free for an uploaded app does not appear to work.  The app always comes up in Locked mode.  The same thing happens for direct app launch, share link, or share embed (we’re using Google Chrome).  Our app needs mouse mode to be Free, and it would be best to have it come up in that mode without having to manually switch it on the toolbar (especially for new users).

    Hi jyabrow,

    Could you please give me the name of the app ?

    I’m gonna look on your account and test it.

    Thank’s for having reported this issue.
    A huge update is comming up and it will fix a lot of running issues.

    Thank’s for your patience.


    Thanks Maxence, our app is “BeyondView Clny PPOB”.  We’ve also noticed that the mouse can get out of sync at times, and that it is sometimes difficult to access the toolbar–maybe your new update addresses some of this.  On our end, the app responds to the Esc keyboard event, which may interfere with the toolbar toggle also using Esc, we’ll try changing this to avoid a conflict.  We’re also trying to make our app with more keyboard controls and less dependent on the mouse.

    The mouse is crazy on my Unreal application on furioos only too.

    Hello everyone,

    First of all, my deepest apologies for the lack of support past month. Our team is lacking people to handle the support and the dev doesn’t get time to handle it too. Things are fixed now.
    We are working hard to provide you Furioos v1.0 next week.

    These issues are fixed in the new release schedule next week. (v1)

    Let us know if you have any questions

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