Black smears on bright pixels

  • Hello,

    I am having an issue on Furioos where bright pixels get weird black pixelated smears.

    I don’t have this issue on any of my local machines.

    Can you please help, as this is quite an issue for my client.

    I am referring to my YorkRoad project.

    Hello Vizform,

    I checked your app and i need more precision…

    As you can see i got some black “pixels” on my screenshot is it your reported bug ?

    If not please send me a screenshot of your problem to help us to resolve it.


    Hi Maxence,

    That is what I am referring to yes.


    I tried your app localy on my computer and had the same result. So for me the problem does not came from Furioos 🙂

    I suggest you to test your app on another computer than yours to see what happen. Your problem probably come from a light plugin you are using (cannot be 100% sure).

    I cannot help you more, you need to improve your app to find what is causing black pixels.


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