Are you still supporting the service?

  • Greetings Furioos team,

    I would want to know if you are still here, supporting your tool, or if it has been abandoned or it’s in the way to be abandoned, as I can’t read any support reply from months ago.

    Well, this seems to be a great service, but I have some doubts and I have tried to contact you in some ways, with no response, and, in addition to my initial doubts, now, I’m worried to still have this lack of support after paying the service. I’m sure that, if the support becomes solid, you would only need to put the hands and get tons of money, because you already had the great idea and executed the project!

    Apart of this, I am working on a big project where my client needs various Unreal Engine projects and hundreds of visitors on them, but each visitor executing his own project instance, to freely “walk” around the scene.

    So, I would need to know if this is possible and which are the limitations. I have tried to register for the free version, in order to rry it and make some test before offering to my client, but I’m still waiting after a week and haven’t resolved my questions. Please, could you contact me directly using my registering email, for example? As I would need to clarify al this things as soon as possible in order to be able to offer your product to the final client.

    Thank you and best regards,


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    Hi Miguel,

    I like to know too. I’m not a paying customer yet, but I could become one soon.

    Kind regards,


    Hi Miguel, i have been told that this Beta has come to a close and we are ‘days away’ from a refresh to alpha. Hopefully a lot of issues we are having get fixed with the new build.

    slightly annoying this hasn’t been communicated on the forums or that those of us paying for the subscription aren’t able to use the features that were promised.


    Hello everyone,

    First of all, my deepest apologies for the lack of support past month. Our team is lacking people to handle the support and the dev doesn’t get time to handle it too. Things are fixed now.
    We are working hard to provide you Furioos v1.0 next week.

    Concerning your question, you will be able to provide your application to your customers and every user will be able to have his own session.
    Concerning account validation, we do not validate account until v1.0 is released (next week)

    Let us know if you have any questions

    Unfortunately it is now exactly one year later and the customer support is still unresponsive.

    So I have to ask the same question again, are you planning to abandon the service or can we rely on your service to be a reliable partner for us in the future?

    I can just agree to the initial statement that your service as tons of potential especially for the arch viz industry and we are planning to create an application heavily depending on your service. We are obviously extremely hesitant to take the next step on this because customer service and communication are not sufficient at this point in time.

    I only found this forum by accident as it is not linked anywhere on your website at all. At least I could only find it through a google search.

    Your service works very well. The SDK integration works fine, load times are short and availability is great (we tested all around the world). We only had a few issues until now but overall the experience was very, very good! I was sincerely impressed and there is nothing comparable out there at the moment.

    Why waste such a brilliant platform on something as trivial as customer support and communication?

    We are absolutely willing to pay for enterprise as well, no problem, but we do not even receive a response to our enquiries.

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