10 UE4 projects and 200 simultaneous visitors

  • Hi Furioos team,


    First of all, thank you very much for your last reply and for the good news!


    Being confirmed that you are still on it, and even stronger, please, I would want to ask you about a project I have in hands:


    1- How could we manage 10 different rooms (each room could be a separate UE4 project), to support up to 200 simultaneos users (in total)?

    2- Would it be enough with only one Furioos account?

    3- Is there a way to, more or less, guarantee the nomber of simultaneos users?

    4- Do you have a queue system, where an user can enter and, if it’s full, he will be able to wait until an slot remains free? or what happens when an user enters and the app doesn’t allow any more people?


    Thank you and best regards,



    What do you mean by room?
    If you upload your application on Furioos, you will be able to share it by link or embed.
    Each time a user starts a session, a new server is assigned and the app is started. If no servers are available the user remains in the queue until one is ready.

    There is no limit of simultaneous users on a Furioos account, the only limit is related to hardware availability. If 200 users want to get access to an app at the same time and the hardware is available, they are able to stream your application. Otherwise, they will be in the queue until the hardware is ready.

    To guarantee the availability of the slots, you need to have an Enterprise account on v1.0 (available next week). With this plan, you get the pre-allocation feature that allows you to reserve hardware and get fast-launch for your app.


    Hi Michael,

    Sorry for the missunderstanding. It’s an ArchViz project with various independent spaces to be visited (each room). So each room is thought to be in a separate Unreal Engine executable project, because each one will be furnished by a different designer brand.

    I have seen now the Enterprise plan, great! I see we have up to 1tb of storage space. There, can we upload as many projects as we want (each one with its own link or embed code)?

    And about the pre-allocated virtual machines, is there a way to select the exact number of visitors to be supported simultaneously? Or the plan includes a fixed number of pre allocated machines? Which could be the cost difference between pre-allocating for 200 visitors or for 1000?

    I’m the developer of this project and I’m making the budget for the final client, so he needs to know as much as possible.


    Thank you again and best regards,


    Hi Miguel,

    Yes, you can create on every project (app) as many shares links and embed as you want.
    The only limit of apps is related to the storage size, if you reached your storage quota you won’t be able to upload until you free space.

    The pre-allocation feature allows you to control your buffer of servers.
    There are two main values in the buffer control:
    – The maximum number of servers
    – The number of pre-allocated servers waiting for a session
    In your case, you know that you will probably have 200 visitors at the same time but all theses users will note start a session a the same time.
    So, you will fix a maximum number of servers to 200 and maybe pre-allocated 50 servers waiting for a session. Each time a new session starts, our orchestrator creates a new server to get sure that you always have 50 servers waiting for a new session. If 200 servers are reached, no more servers are created and new users will be placed in a queue until a server is free.
    You will be able to select the active days/hours per week of your servers.
    These numbers are an example.

    It may be interesting to set up a call between us, so you can present to us your project and we will be able to advise you on the way to go and explain more in detail the features of the Enterprise plan.



    Thank you very much Michael!

    Sounds great 🙂


    Of course, but I’m still waiting for the client to make a decision, as he’s still thinking about the possibilities, and we will need to define the final features of the real project.

    In addition, I have been contacted about another similar project, but this time, the experience will need to be streamed and multiplayer, so I am thinking about the same solution: all as always and as talked before; every user connecting to his own instance of the “game”, but it would be possible to keep a fixed server as the “host” and obtain the fixed IP of that one? So the other servers/computers can connect with the main server/host through its IP adress.

    It seems like we are going to work together many times and for a lot of time! I’m anxious about start testing your services with the free promotional month, as soon as I can.


    Thank you again and best regards,


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