Unfortunately it is now exactly one year later and the customer support is still unresponsive.

So I have to ask the same question again, are you planning to abandon the service or can we rely on your service to be a reliable partner for us in the future?

I can just agree to the initial statement that your service as tons of potential especially for the arch viz industry and we are planning to create an application heavily depending on your service. We are obviously extremely hesitant to take the next step on this because customer service and communication are not sufficient at this point in time.

I only found this forum by accident as it is not linked anywhere on your website at all. At least I could only find it through a google search.

Your service works very well. The SDK integration works fine, load times are short and availability is great (we tested all around the world). We only had a few issues until now but overall the experience was very, very good! I was sincerely impressed and there is nothing comparable out there at the moment.

Why waste such a brilliant platform on something as trivial as customer support and communication?

We are absolutely willing to pay for enterprise as well, no problem, but we do not even receive a response to our enquiries.

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