Thank you very much Michael!

Sounds great 🙂


Of course, but I’m still waiting for the client to make a decision, as he’s still thinking about the possibilities, and we will need to define the final features of the real project.

In addition, I have been contacted about another similar project, but this time, the experience will need to be streamed and multiplayer, so I am thinking about the same solution: all as always and as talked before; every user connecting to his own instance of the “game”, but it would be possible to keep a fixed server as the “host” and obtain the fixed IP of that one? So the other servers/computers can connect with the main server/host through its IP adress.

It seems like we are going to work together many times and for a lot of time! I’m anxious about start testing your services with the free promotional month, as soon as I can.


Thank you again and best regards,