Hi Miguel,

Yes, you can create on every project (app) as many shares links and embed as you want.
The only limit of apps is related to the storage size, if you reached your storage quota you won’t be able to upload until you free space.

The pre-allocation feature allows you to control your buffer of servers.
There are two main values in the buffer control:
– The maximum number of servers
– The number of pre-allocated servers waiting for a session
In your case, you know that you will probably have 200 visitors at the same time but all theses users will note start a session a the same time.
So, you will fix a maximum number of servers to 200 and maybe pre-allocated 50 servers waiting for a session. Each time a new session starts, our orchestrator creates a new server to get sure that you always have 50 servers waiting for a new session. If 200 servers are reached, no more servers are created and new users will be placed in a queue until a server is free.
You will be able to select the active days/hours per week of your servers.
These numbers are an example.

It may be interesting to set up a call between us, so you can present to us your project and we will be able to advise you on the way to go and explain more in detail the features of the Enterprise plan.