Hi Michael,

Sorry for the missunderstanding. It’s an ArchViz project with various independent spaces to be visited (each room). So each room is thought to be in a separate Unreal Engine executable project, because each one will be furnished by a different designer brand.

I have seen now the Enterprise plan, great! I see we have up to 1tb of storage space. There, can we upload as many projects as we want (each one with its own link or embed code)?

And about the pre-allocated virtual machines, is there a way to select the exact number of visitors to be supported simultaneously? Or the plan includes a fixed number of pre allocated machines? Which could be the cost difference between pre-allocating for 200 visitors or for 1000?

I’m the developer of this project and I’m making the budget for the final client, so he needs to know as much as possible.


Thank you again and best regards,