Thank you for the response. Here is my feedback:

Loading Apps on PC in Firefox does not work any more (windows 10 home, Firefox 71.0 (64bit))

I still can’t load any of the apps in Firefox. I get all the way to “Start streaming” and then it gets stuck at this point. Every two seconds the message jumkps to “The streaming has been disconnected” and then goes back to “Start streaming”. But no further.

Fullscreen on Android (6.0.1) and Firefox (68.2.1)

Fullscreen does not work in Firefox yet.

Fullscreen does NOT work on iPad in Safari any more (iPad Air, iOS 12.2)

Fullscreen works in Chrome BUT:

there is now some scaling issue in fullscreen mode? In fullscreen I can not interact with buttons on the far right of the screen. I have got a button in the top right corner and one in the bottom right corner and I can’t touch them. I see the UI perfectly, but the buttons don’t react. In normal mode I can touch them, in fullscreen I can not touch them.


Touch input messed with “mouse locked”

This is fixed, thank you!


Default Cursor

OK, but this is a bit of a problem. My apps are supposed to run on PC AND mobile devices:
– on PC I need to see a cursor. The app cursor is sluggish and delayed, so the Windows cursor is much better.
– BUT on mobile I don’t want to see a cursor at all. It’s all touch controlled, no mouse. So now I need a way to identify which device my app is running on so I can control the visibility of the app cursor accordingly.


Thank you for your efforts. Please keep me updated on these points.

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