Hey Michaël,

Thanks for the helpful information!

We’ve been testing different file/build sizes to try and minimise load times as per our client’s requirements.

We’ve just tested with a 10gb build, and the Furioos loading time is around 3mins from hitting the run button.

Our current project will probably be roughly this size or bigger when completed so we hope to get this time down somehow.

We have been looking further into asset bundles and storing required files externally rather than bundled in the app. This is because out of this 10gb, we may only require a small portion of all assets depending on what the user requires for that session so we are hoping to separate these files somehow.

Do you plan to offer any way to store supporting files separately from the exe for faster loading in the future? We can store and load them ourselves from our own cloud storage service provider but if there are any plans to implement this as part of the Furioos service it would presumably be faster than our own solution.

Please let me know.