Hi Sam,

What have you changed in your code ? i can help you to fix it but you need to share me a screen :).

I notice that your instanciation call is not good (new Player…) You should pass a string as first and second parameter and the last one is an object and by putting it into {} this will not work.

Are you familiar with javascript code ? I ask to know if i need to simplify the documentation.

I give you an example of what you are looking for.
In your case you are suppose to have something like that :

import { Player } from ‘furioos-sdk’;

const player = new Player(“123.456”, “myContainer”, { whiteLabel: true, hideTitle: true });

player.onLoad(function() {
// Here you know when the player is ready.


Can you please try this ? and upload some screen if it still does not work ?

Have a good day.