Thank you for your prompt answer

Do you know something about my last question? (Copy + paste):


“I have a little problem and is when I use my app (uploaded to Furioos) on cellphone, when I touch the screen with my finger, the “touch” appears in other place over the screen .. For example, I touch a button but the touch happens half centimeter away to the right, making so dificult interact with th buttons inside my app because is not precise the touch.”


In the next image i try to show you the problem. If I want to touch a button of my UI (red dot) I have to touch where is the green dot. In some cases I have to touch almost out of the screen.

Example touch problem

Another problem I found is: I have an orbit camera with rotation limits in my app. Camera can not get down under some limit but when the app is runing on Furioos, the camera avoid those limits, going under the map of the app and the camera goes crazy ! …


Thank you guys for answer my questions ! …