1.Is there any chance to have my logos on the whole app ?
Yes of course.

2. Is there any way the app can go more fluid ? or the lag is by the free account ?
Everything depends on your network bandwidth and latency. We deployed our new streaming server two weeks ago and we still experimenting some test on it. We are working on improving streaming fluidity.
However, please check our FAQ to see if your network reachs the minimum recommandation for using Furioos. Also, if your application need very powerfull GPU you may encounter some framerate limitation. Currently Furioos GPU are equivalent to Nvidia Geforce 1060.

3. Is there any chance to get embedded the app in my website ? Without the UI or brand of Furioos ?
Yes you just need to use the Furioos SDK.

JS SDK – Getting started

You also need Pro plan to use it.

4. There is a chance to make a custom UI in the app ? .. Speccifcally on the options about full screen, mouse, etc
I don’t really understand the difference with the previous question, but you are free to make our own interface in your application of course.

Furioos is still in beta and we are very small company, but some news will come soon about bugs fix and new features :).