I have an error ‘Can’t find application source. Please reupload your application’

Most of the time this message appears halfway through the launch of your application. (usually at 50% of the progress bar)
We realized that this message may appear when you create your ZIP with some software.
It seems that our FURIOOS server has difficulties managing some ZIPs and that this produces this error.
We recommend that you try again to compress your application with WinRAR (by creating a ZIP file with the default settings) until we resolve the problem in the coming weeks.
We are sorry for this inconvenience.

Which devices and browsers are supported by FURIOOS?

Any device desktop, laptop or mobile is supported on Furioos.
This includes devices that run on Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android and iOS.

Furioss requires the use of a recent browser (for example, Chrome 64, Firefox 60, Safari 11, iOS 12 and Android 9)

Of course, FURIOOS can be blocked by a Firewall.
In case of problem, please check that FURIOOS is in the whitelist of your firewall.

FURIOOS requires a high speed internet connection and low network latency.
A download speed of 15Mbps is recommended for optimal performances.

How many viewers can see my application at the same time?

An unlimited number of simultaneous users can see your application on Furioos (depending on the GPU servers available)
We are constantly adding new servers to FURIOOS in order to accommodate as many users as possible.
During our last tests, we were able to welcome several hundred simultaneous visitors per application.
This number is constantly increasing.

The number of users you can select in your subscription corresponds to the number of administrators of your FURIOOS account and does not limit the number of visitors who can access your shared applications.

How to improve the performances of my application on FURIOOS?

Our standard GPU server performance is roughly equivalent to a GeForce 1060 and it has 6 cores and 56GB of RAM

The 3D applications you upload to FURIOOS must therefore be created with these hardware configurations in mind.

The options that severely degrade performance are generally the application rendering at too high resolutions and the many post-production effects.
For example, we do not recommend using motion blur, which tends to significantly degrade video encoding performance without making a real graphic improvement.

What happens when i stop my subscription?

When you decide to close your FURIOOS account (by cancelling the automatic renewal of the subscription), the account remains activated until the end of the subscription month.
You will therefore receive a final invoice corresponding to your time consumption for the current month.
After this date, your account is locked as well as any share links and/or FURIOOS embeded applications.

We keep your applications and storage space for 3 months in case your account is closed due to a bank error or improper handling.
After this period, we delete the applications and sharing links permanently.

We regularly check that the credit card with which you have subscribed to a FURIOOS paid plan is valid.
At the slightest problem, the account is locked as well as the sharing links and embedding.

At which moment is the usage time recorded on FURIOOS?

Furioos works on a subscription + pay-as-you-go model where you pay for the time spent using your virtual machine.
If you choose to share or embed one of your applications, you pay for the time that will be spent using these applications.

On FURIOOS, the operating time is counted from the moment the application is launched.
Keep in mind that time is counted even if the application is buggy.
The start time of the streaming also depends on the start time of the application.
If the application takes 5 minutes to load on your computer, it will also take 5 minutes to launch on FURIOOS.
We recommend that you add a splash screen or loading bar to your application to ensure that your application launch is working properly.

Can i change my storage location?

For the moment, FURIOOS does not yet allow you to change the location settings of the storage server.
You must define it when you create your account.
Keep in mind that the storage server is dislocated from the GPU server.
Your application will first be copied to the GPU server closest to the viewer’s geographical location before being launched to achieve the lowest possible latency.

What does portable application mean?

By ‘portable application’ we mean the folder in which the application is located must contain all the files necessary for its proper functioning.
The most supported applications are those from the most common video game engines (Unity3D and Unreal Engine for example)

FURIOOS, in its latest version (July 2019) is now compatible with almost any Windows® portable application.

What is the difference between users and viewers?

On FURIOOS, you can share your applications with an unlimited number of simultaneous viewers (also called visitors)

You can choose to add users to your account to allow multiple people to manage your organization’s account.
A user can, for example, upload an application and define sharing options.

Where are the servers located?

GPU servers and storage servers are decentralized on FURIOOS.
You can select the geographical location of your storage server when you create your account.
We automatically detected the user’s geographical location and offered him the nearest GPU server.

Currently we have servers located:
– In Australia
– In Europe
– On the west coast of the United States
– On the east coast of the United States
– (coming soon) in Asia

What are server specifications?

Till now, only a standard GPU virtual machine is available on FURIOOS.
Its graphics performance is roughly equivalent to a GeForce 1060 and it has 6 cores and 56GB of RAM

More GPU servers are coming on FURIOOS as well as no-GPU servers.
We will keep you in touch as soon as it is available.

Does my network security rules are compatible with Furioos ?

Furioos use WebRTC to stream your application from the server to your browser.
Currently our network architecture only use UDP protocol to establish a Peer To Peer connection between you and the server.

Please use the test service from Google to check if your network is compatible with Furioos.


You need to have at least the following result to establish a successfully connection with a Furioos server.


Udp enabled – CHECK


Relay Connectivity – CHECK
Host Connectivity – CHECK


Data Throughput – CHECK

What is the minimum bandwidth to use FURIOOS?

FURIOOS requires a high speed internet connection and low network latency.
A download speed of 15Mbps is recommended.
An upload speed of 5Mbps is recommended.
A latency of 70ms or less is recommended.

Use the speed test below to check that your connection speed and latency: