What are the upcoming features?

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What does portable application mean?

By ‘portable application’ we mean that the folder in which the application is located must contain all the files necessary for its proper functioning, in a standalone way. 
The most supported applications are those from the most common video game engines (Unity3D and Unreal Engine for example).

What are the servers’ specifications?

Furioos provides different kind of virtual machines to run content, depending on the needs and the complexity/weight of your application.

Standard Machines:

  • 4 CPU (N1 Generation on GCP – Skylake Gen)
  • 16 GB RAM
  • 500 GB SSD
  • 1 GPU (Tesla T4)

High Machines:

  • 8 CPU (N1 Generation on GCP – Skylake Gen)
  • 32 GB RAM
  • 500 GB SSD
  • 1 GPU (Tesla T4)

What are the limitations in terms of concurrent users (CCUs)?

Without any reservation, your organization is limited to 50 CCUs over all applications. 
With a reservation and by default, you can stream up to 100 CCUs over all applications. 
For instance:

  • one application limited to 60 CCUs and another one running at the same time limited to 40 CCUs
  • one application limited to 100 CCUs running from 8am to 10am and another application limited to 100 CCUs running from 2pm to 6pm

Please note you cannot create multiple reservations for a given application on the same day.

You can upgrade the 100 CCUs limitation by contacting our Sales Team (furioossales@unity3d.com) then, with a reservation, limitations per application can go up to:  

  • 1000 CCUs for all events hosted in the US 
  • 250 CCUs for all events hosted in Europe
  • 250 CCUs for all events hosted in Asia

Where are the servers located?

GPU runtime servers and storage servers are decentralized on Furioos.
You can select the geographical location of your storage server when you create your account.
We automatically detect the user’s geographical location and provide them with the nearest GPU server.

Currently we have GPU runtime servers located:

  • In the US (West and East)
  • In Europe
  • In Asia (East)

Currently we have storage servers located:

  • In the US (West and East)
  • In Europe
  • In Asia (East)
  • In Australia

Does the reservations system take daylight saving time into consideration?

When making a reservation, time zones automatically take daylight saving time into consideration, no additional actions are required to complete the reservation.  

How can I share an application to my users?

You can share your application with your end-users in three different ways:

  • Most simply: by sharing it as a link
  • To go further: by sharing it as an iFrame embedded in a webpage
  • For a customized experience – Developers Team needed: by sharing it as an iFrame embedded in a webpage that uses Furioos SDK

The SDK usage enables your developers team to customize your application’s player and to create interaction in between the html webpage where your application is embedded and the application itself. 

To start creating and managing an application’s sharing options, click on the “Share” button displayed on your application thumbnail.

How can I restrict the access of my application?

By setting your applications ‘sharing options’, you will be able to have:

  • A password restriction: your end-users will need to know the password to access your application 
  • Domain(s) restriction: your end-users will only be able to access your application from an authorized list of domain(s) you have selected. All other URLs will not display your application. Note that this option is only available for iFrame and SDK sharing options). 

Why is there an orange warning icon on my sharings?

We recently have improved our share links security, by reinforcing their url and password complexity. 

All links generated from our deprecated system will not be editable anymore but will still be supported (users having the password will still be able to access the application). 

As soon as possible you will need to delete the link and generate a new one with our more secure Share Manager version to access the edits and its new options.

Why should I use the Reservations System?

You can use the Reservations feature to book the exact number of virtual machines you need for your virtual events. 
This ensures that the right number of virtual machines are dedicated to your event.
As your application is pre-installed on the booked virtual machines, the user experience is enhanced.
Get more information about reservations here.

Remind that the Reservation system is mandatory to stream your application to more than 50 CCUs. 

Why should I use the Fast-Start option when making a Reservation?

The fast-start option allows you to pre-warm a larger percentage of virtual machines when making a reservation. 
It can help you share a better experience with your end-users.
Get more information about reservations and fast-start option here.

Can I create an endless Reservation ?

No, reservations are limited to a maximum period of 1 month.  

What are the streaming costs?

Furioos is a pay-as-you-go platform with a price per minute of streaming. 
Use Furioos as needed and you will receive an invoice the 1st of each month for your previous month streaming consumption. 
Choose the streaming option that best suits your project:

  • Standard machines: $0.06 per minute of streaming (USD)
  • High machines: $0.08 per minute of streaming (USD)

You need more powerful machines? Please contact our Sales Team at furioossales@unity3d.com.

What payment method is accepted?

By default, you can use your credit card: an automatic debit will occur on a monthly basis according to your streaming usage (Visa, Mastercard, Amex).

In case of high volumes of streaming time, contact our Sales team at furioossales@unity3d.com.

In case of failed payment, your account will momentaneously be disabled until regularization. This means you will not be able to stream, share or embed applications. 

Can I change my storage location?

Furioos does not allow you to change the location settings of the storage server.
You must define it when you create your account.
Keep in mind that the storage server is different from the GPU runtime server.

At which moment is the usage time recorded on Furioos?

Furioos works on a pay-as-you-go model where you pay for the time spent using your virtual machine.
If you choose to share or embed one of your applications, you pay for the time that will be spent using these applications.
On Furioos, the operating time is counted from the moment the application is being copied.
The start time of the streaming also depends on the start time of the application. If the application takes 5 minutes to load on your computer, it will also take 5 minutes to launch on Furioos. We recommend that you add a splash screen or loading bar to your application to ensure that your application launch is working properly.

How can I delete my Account?

In the Organization menu you will find a “Delete my Organization” button, which will enable your account deletion. 
Note that:

  • This action is non-reversible
  • If you have a credit left on your Furioos Credit Balance, the corresponding amount will be lost and non-refundable
  • You cannot delete your account while you have ongoing reservation; you must wait until the event is over to be able to delete your account
  • You cannot delete your account if you have upcoming reservations: you must first cancel these reservations before processing your account deletion
  • Your account deletion may take some time to process (most likely, less than an hour) 

What happens when a viewer is inactive?

When a user is inactive, in order to save costs, the stream is automatically disconnected after 5 minutes.
You can customize the inactivity time out by using Furioos SDK. 

Can I customize the Furioos user interface?

Yes. The Furioos Javascript SDK allows you to customize your Furioos user interface by implementing bi-directional communication between the user (through the browser) and the application (Unity/Unreal Engine only).
Get more information about our SDK here.

Why can’t I start a Furioos session? 

Please check if any of these reasons explain why you cannot start a session: 

  • Do you have remaining unpaid invoices? Check in the Invoices Menu in your Organization settings.
  • Did you reach your account quota? Check in the Quotas Menu in your Organization settings.
  • Is the message “The sharing quota for this application has been reached” displayed? Check the share settings of your application(s) and adjust the share quota of your link/embed/sdk to fix the issue.

If you are experiencing other issues, please contact the Support. 

My application doesn’t seem to start correctly.

Check that you selected the correct “main executable”. Furioos will detect all .exe and .bat files in your project, you need to select the correct one to start your application.
Check the performances of your application on the server. By using the statistic button during a session, you can monitor the current usage of the server hardware.  
If the performance of the server aren’t good enough, please try to upgrade the configuration to High. If the High configuration isn’t enough, you may need to optimize your application.
Your application need prerequisites? In that case, it means that your application is not portable, you’ll need to embed the prerequisites in your application.
Here is the list of prerequisites installed on Furioos servers:

  • Visual C++ Redistribuables Packages 2010 to 2019
  • .NET Framework 4.0
  • Unreal Engine prerequisites

If you are experiencing other issues, please contact the Support. 

I experience a long black screen before my application starts.

A black stream often means that your application is taking a long time to load, which might be solved with the following suggestions:

1. Use Furioos SDK to add a loading bar when the application starts, or customize this loading time by replacing it with a short video. Learn more by reading our SDK Documentation.

2. Check the time needed for your binaries to load on your local PC, note that Furioos is usually longer to load applications.

3. Check if you can optimize your application.

If you are experiencing other issues, please contact the Support. 

Which devices and browsers are supported by Furioos?

Any device (desktop, laptop or mobile) is supported on Furioos. This includes devices that run on Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android and iOS.
Furioos requires a recent browser supporting WebRTC:

  • Chrome / Chromium / Chrome Android / Chrome iOS 72+
  • Firefox 68+
  • Safari 12 +
  • Edge 79+
  • Edge Chrome 72+
  • iOS 12+
  • Opera 63+
  • Android 9+
  • Samsung browser 

Check our troubleshooter to test your device compatibility.

Furioos can be blocked by a Firewall.
In case of problem, please check that Furioos is in the whitelist of your firewall.

Furioos requires a high speed internet connection and low network latency.
A download speed of 10Mbps is recommended for optimal performances.

On some browsers it is possible that some features are not accessible.
For example, Safari iOS does not support the fullscreen API and does not allow to put a Furioos iFrame in full screen on iPhone or iPad.

Which screen ratios are supported?

If your application is fully responsive, Furioos will handle it seamlessly.
All screen ratios are supported (Landscape, portrait, square, etc.). Custom ratios and dynamic change of ratio are also supported.

Which technologies are supported?

Furioos supports:

  • Multi-touch, if your application is compatible with multi-touch gestures
  • Mouse and keyboard
  • Gamepads
  • RTX

Furioos does not support:

  • Microphone and webcam forwarding, enabling communication between the browser where the application is streamed and the application itself. This is only possible through the use of the Furioos SDK and services like Vivox.
  • VR/AR (planned for the future)

Which version of Unreal Engine is supported?

Furioos SDK supports: Unreal Engine until the 4.26 version

Furioos SDK does not support yet: Unreal Engine 5

What browser limitations could affect Furioos user experience?

As Furioos is running in the browser, we have to deal with all the browser limitations.

  • Furioos cannot force auto play session on a browser that doesn’t allow to do so.
  • Furioos cannot optimize your application. If your application is running with bad performance on a good computer, it will run with bad performance on Furioos too.
  • We provide a way to convert touch events to mouse events, however gesture are not supported with this mode. If you want your application to be multi-touch compatible you need to enable it on the application side.
  • Do not bind the ESC key: as a lot of browsers use this key to exit fullscreen or mouse lock, we recommand to not bind the ESC key in your application.
  • Web browsers have some limitations to prevent mouse lock automatically. It means that you need to do an action to enable mouse lock on browsers. If your application goes in mouse lock mode, Furioos will put an overlay on top of your application, you need click on that overlay to get in mouse lock.  

Keep in mind that you need to prevent cursor hide as much as possible in your application, in order to get the best user experience on a browser.

What are the limitations regarding streaming access in China?

Firewall restricts external stream so users will not be able to get Furioos in China.
A VPN might be used to skirt this, but this will affect performances. 

What is the minimum bandwidth to use Furioos?

Furioos requires a high speed internet connection and low network latency. We recommend:

  • a download speed of 10Mbps
  • an upload speed of 5Mbps
  • a network latency of 70ms or less

Check our troubleshooter to test your network compatibility with Furioos. 

How to improve the performance of my application on Furioos?

Our standard GPU server performance is roughly equivalent to a GeForce 2060 and it has 4 CPU cores and 24GB of RAM.
The 3D applications you upload to Furioos must therefore be created with these hardware configurations in mind.

The options that severely degrade performance are generally the application rendering at too high resolutions or using too many post-production effects.
For example, we do not recommend using motion blur, which tends to significantly degrade video encoding performance without making a real graphic improvement.

Are my network security rules compatible with Furioos?

Check our troubleshooter to test your network compatibility with Furioos. 

Why should I use the Furioos API?

Furioos API brings automation to your projects by mechanizing your content management at large scale and by shortening your delivering delays. In addition, Furioos API is self-served, easy to use, and secure.

It enables your developers team to: 

  • manage the creation, editing, sharing and deletion of your applications 
  • get information about your applications

Note: the reservations feature is not yet available through our API Services. 

How to use Furioos API Services? 

You will find all necessary tools and information in the Developers Menu. There, your developers team will be able to:

  • find API Documentation
  • generate and manage API Key tokens to start communicating with API Services
  • monitor API calls with an API Logs list

Get more information about Developers Menu here.

What is the Furioos SDK?

The Furioos SDK allows you to deliver a custom experience by implementing a bi-directional communication between the browser and your application.

Furioos provides three different SDKs (JS, Unity, Unreal Engine) all available in the Documentation section.