2 - User Interface

Settings – Organization

  1. Organization  Edit your organization’s name Edit your organization’s location Edit your organization’s avatar / logo  Edit your organization’s cover picture  Save all possible edits made, listed above Delete your organization. Note that all of your information and applications will be immediately and permanently deleted. If Credit is remaining on your Balance, it will […]

Settings – Developers [BETA]

5 1 – To start communicating with the API, use the API keys tab. 2 – Click on the Documentation button to start reading Furioos API Documentation 3 – Click on the “+” Button to generate a publishable API Key token: Name your key Click on the “Create” button to generate your key 4 – […]

Settings – Reservations

When you first use the Reservation feature, you can use the Set up my first Reservation button to create a Reservation Your Reservation name will allow you to find it easily in the Reservations list. Select your Application, it has to be already uploaded to your Furioos account. Choose your type of Reservation (One-Time Reservation […]

Settings – Quotas

Unrestricted Use This option is only available with Enterprise plan. WARNING: If you enable this option, no quota will be applied to your subscription and the usage is unlimited. Monthly spending limit Furioos works on a subscription + pay-as-you-go model where you pay for the time spent using your virtual machine. i.e. If your application […]

Settings – Users

Invite Invite a user to join your organization. If the user already has an account on Furioos, we will abe switch between organizations. WARNING: Until we release our role management system, all the users in the organization are an administrator. Remove from the organization This option removes the user from the organization and we won’t […]


Application information Application name, organization owner, creation date, and the number of views. Pin / Unpin the toolbar This option allow you to hide the toolbar once your mouse leaves it. To display the toolbar: – Cursor in the bottom center of the streaming or alt(option)+shift on desktop. – Double-tap with two fingers in mobile […]


Company / Organization name Favorite application list You can easily access your favorite application list by tagging them with the star icon Company / Organization application list All your applications will be listed in this category Built-in / Demo applications Furioos comes with a selection of test applications that allow you to quickly test the […]