2 - User Interface

Subscription preferences

Plan information Change plan Use this button to change the plan (Beta/free, Basic or Pro) Warning: If you switch to a paid plan you will not be able to return to a free plan. Storage and User accounts preferences Configure here the amount of storage space and the number of users you want. Updates are […]

Time and storage preferences

Compute types (coming soon) Furioos will soon allow you to choose the type of virtual machine on which you can launch your applications. This option will be available when creating each new application Time Quota (Virtual machine Running time limitation) Furioos works on a subscription + pay-as-you-go model where you pay for the time spent […]

Users preferences

Users quota informations User’s details (Full name, Email) Press “+ INVITE” to add a new user to your company / organization The new user will automatically receive an invitation email Delete existing user

Company / Organization preferences

Edit your company / organization name Edit your company / organization country This option does not affect billing or data storage preferences and is purely informative. Edit your company / organization cover. The cover will be visible in your dashboard as well as on the “Furioos Share” links you will create Edit your company / […]


Application information Start streaming your application Share or Embed your application Edit your application Set your application as a favorite Troubleshooting If you encounter any problems in running your application, you can either restart the Furioos streaming engine or restart your application on our server Mouse / touch settings Your application is supposed to have […]


Company / Organization name User account preferences Favourite application list You can easily access your favorite application list by tagging them with the star icon Company / Organization application list All your applications will be listed in this category Built-in / Demo applications Furioos comes with a selection of test applications that allow you to […]