1 - Getting Started


Company / Organization name Favorite application list You can easily access your favorite application list by tagging them with the star icon Company / Organization application list All your applications will be listed in this category Add New Application Button Switch between organization button Help tools Shortcut button Menu Shortcut button (with your initials) Click […]


Click the arrow to go back to homepage Menu Shortcut button (with your initials) Application information (Application name, organization and number of views) Start Session button Click to start the experience, once the server is available, your application is being copied and executed on it. Once it’s done, the streaming starts. Share Share your application […]

Resume Session feature

When a user is connected to Furioos on multiple devices or browsers, only one stream at a time is possible. If Furioos detects that a stream is already active, it will automatically ask the user if they want to continue the same stream on a new browser/device, start a new stream, or shut down the […]

How to share an application to your users? (Link, iFrame, SDK)

Start Sharing an application You can share your application with your end-users in different ways: Most simply: by sharing it as a link  To go further: by sharing it as an iFrame embedded in a webpage For a customized experience – Developers Team needed: by sharing it as an iFrame embedded in a webpage that […]

Adding an application on Furioos

Furioos allows you to stream any Windows® portable application. Before importing an application into Furioos, check that it is working correctly on your computer. Applications must be portable, i.e. the folder in which they are located must contain all the files necessary for its proper functioning. The most supported applications are those from the most […]