3 - Furioos for Developers

Furioos ‘Bring Your Own Infrastructure’ (BETA feature)

Purpose of this feature This new feature allows Furioos organizations to use their own cloud GPU server infrastructure for streaming applications, instead of relying on the GPU servers provided by Furioos. This allows for greater flexibility and customization in terms of GPU power, CPU power, RAM, choice of Cloud Provider, number of concurrent users, and […]

Dynamic Resolution for Multi-ratio

When creating your app, we advise you to export a dynamic version of it, allowing your app to adapt your user’s devices ratio and resolution. (Dynamic App)  In order to allow the best experience possible for your users, your app UI will have to adapt. (Responsive interface) Unity – Unreal When in the Unity Editor, […]

Furioos API – Getting Started

Key features of Furioos API:  Manage the creation, editing, sharing and deletion of your applications  Get information about your applications Read our Documentation and use the Developers Menu to generate API Key tokens and to communicate with the API.  *Note: the reservations feature is not available through our API Services.

JS SDK – Getting started

Navigate through the different types of shares. Generate a new SDK link. Copy the generate in your SDK implementation (documentation below). Information about your SDK link. Edit your SDK link configuration (you’ll need to copy/paste the updated code when you edit its options). Delete your embed code. Create a new SDK link Configure your application’s […]